Sunday, November 8, 2009

First post

Well this is the start of our blog that will describe our travels... I hope!

Setting of 5/5/10 to Halifax Nova Scotia from London, Jill, Nancy (a BMW R80 G/S) and myself (David) will be touring the America's (North, Central and South) over 11 months. If we really like it and haven't run out of money maybe even longer.
Don't quite know how we are going to use this blog but nodoubt something will emerge over the coming months. Bye for now.


  1. How exciting! Bon Voyage to the three of you and have a wonderful adventure! Mx

  2. Hi jill and David its Julie from spanish class hope you have a wonderfull journey looking forward to reading all about your wonderfull adventure. Bon voyage and best wishes.

  3. well done on the first hurdle, getting across the pond. The blog site looks good as well. Looking forward to learning a lot so we can follow next year.
    take care.
    Bob Denman

  4. Will be following your adventure with huge interest and everything crossed for happy, memorable days to come. Some just dream the dream and go to Tescos. Others - a few - actually live it. You're doing just that.

    Stay Upright !