Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hearst Castle 28th October 2010

What an amazing place the 'Enchanted Hill' is, created by William Randolph Hearst and the architect Julia Morgan. He didn't start building until he was 56 as this was the land owned by his parents and he didn't inherit until then. His parents were very wealthy in their own right, his father being a very successful gold and silver prospector and brought 300,000 acres of the California coast where young William used to spent time in camp when he was young, before being taken off for a 1 ½ year grand tour of Europe by his mother when he was 10. Having dropped out of Harvard he was given a newspaper in San Francisco by his father before expanding his empire. The film Citizen Kane with Orson Wells was modelled on this life, but I still don't know the significance of 'Rosebud'. I'll just leave you with some pictures. The outdoor swimming pool, some of the sculptures some were brought from Europe and Egypt. The views. The guest house Casa del Sol with it's elaborate entrance. Casa Grande and it's assembly room with a giant French fire place and tapestries, the dining room where we weren't offered lunch and it's magnificent ceiling, the billiard room, the cinema and outdoors to keep the guest amused, the tennis courts followed by the indoor swimming pool lit from sky lights in the tennis court above. This was followed by a 45 minute film in the visitor centre on 'Building the dream' giving you the background of how it was all brought about. A really good day was had by us both.

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