Sunday, January 9, 2011

San Miguel de Allende

To some San Migual is known as Gringolandia due to the large number of American ex-pats that hang out in the town and we did see quite a few. There were walled housing complexes just outside the historic centre with all the amenities that an American ex-pat could want. We rolled into town and having gone round and round the one way system for a while, found the Parador San Sabastian at Mensones # 7 with secure parking around the back for Nancy and a nice quiet double room for us. Having settled in we wandered into the centre of town, a 2 minute walk to the Parroquia (Parish church) a rather magnificent Disney-like construction. The main square was full of activity with serenaders, Giants and the three wise men on horse back followed by kids trying to get hold of balls and balloons that were being handed out. We ended the day at where Jill caught up on her B complex vitamins. The next day we met up with the 3 kings again who were allowing kids to sit on there knees and be given presents. Can you believe that! Social services would have done their nuts! Looked at the inside of of the Parroquia and the Temple de L'immaculée Conception and yet more gory representations of Christ's death. and other symbols before coming out into the sunshine and looking at the buildings with nice details the parks and the views. Like all Mexican towns it had a bustling market and some lovely corners that were full of colour. The next day I awoke feeling very tired and a little depressed so decided to stay another day where we did nothing but sit in Starbucks drinking coffee and using their internet access. A few hours in Starbucks can really make you appreciate how lucky you are and after a siesta we were ready to leave the next day having enjoyed our stay in San Miguel.


  1. Just found your blog. I'm a bit too old to take a trip like yours but I'll follow along. I live in San Miguel de Allende

  2. Am I projecting or is it actually sad to see how much $$ has gone into building these magnificent eye-popping churches when poverty is all around?

  3. Hi Billie, Good to have you along. Shame we didn't get to meet in San Miguel. We were there for a few days.

    Hi Judee, we had similar thoughts about the church, but we reckon the poverty here is more to do with the material and less of the spirit. In terms of prosperity of spirit, Mexico seems positively rich.