Sunday, February 13, 2011

Things happen in threes, I hope!

In 'The importance of being Ernest' by Oscar Wilde, Lady Bracknell say something like ' To lose one parent, Mr. Worthing, may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose both looks like carelessness'. Well we have lost another identity but I still don't think we have been careless. Jill's personal account with Smile has been raided by another Mexican lowlife but hopefully it will have a happy ending like the first incident, but they are being slower to respond. So we have now had 3 things stolen from us which hopefully will be end of this bad Karma run for us!
But life carries on and the after school activities with the Flor del Maiz have involved swimming with Hosé my teacher, Nick and Lucy, fellow students from New Zealand, from a small beach unfortunately covered in rubbish. Walking with Javier, Nick and Lucy through coffee plantations high above San Pedro under towering avocado trees. The Coffee is being picked at the moment and processed where the outer sweet fruit is removed from the bean before the bean is left in the sun to dry. We also given a talk and watched a film on Mayan spiritual life and the Mayan Calender which was very interesting. We have watched a couple of films in the evening, 'The world's fastest Indian' again and a documentary on the civil war in Guatemala. American foreign policy and the United Fruit Company should be put on trial for human right violations in supporting the generals at that time. American fear of communism led to suppression and murder on a huge scale which only increased the peoples desire for equality seen as communism. When will they learn that instilling fear in people to control them, will only drive them to the thing that America is most afraid of, communism. On Saturday we got up a 0530 and as the sun was rising set off to walk to Santa Clara, a 2 ½ hour scramble up out of the lake basin past 'Indian nose' with great views of San Juan and San Pedro behind. The market at Santa Clara was the reward and Jill, Nick, Javier, Jess, Lucy and myself enjoyed warm chocolate rice drink and sweet bread before walking around and then getting a lift back on a truck.

Exhausted we both went to our residences for a quick shower before going for a celebratory wedding meal for Juan, a teacher from the school, and his bride with mother-in-law in attendance.
Apart from that it has been study, study and more study with little it would seen going in but with the hope that something will stick. We will be off to Antigua Guatemala on Thursday 17/2/11.
I'm sure Jill will want to add to this post but a present she is shopping at Chicchicastenango.


  1. shopping, sun, sea, sand and a wedding! heaven for Jill!

  2. Glad to hear you are shopping Jill - Go girl!!

    Thanks for the email. Its all going well here, DIC is busier than ever 1200 members a month posting. No idea what is happening about our contract but everyone is the same situation so we know its no reflection on us.

    Enjoy the sun, we had a glimmer of sun here last week but its back to pouring rain and grey skies again!

  3. Good to see you two are continuing to have the same rich experiences I enjoyed with you. Am now in Antofagasta, Chile heading to Santiago by Monday to get the GS serviced AND have the drive train/tranny/clutch investigated - noise and too much drive train slack. Whatever it take to get to the bottom of the world. Is that rubber side up or down Jill? All the best, Fred (