Thursday, March 10, 2011

Still in San Pedro

We are still stuck in San Pedro. DHL haven't lived up my expectations of the last parcel that was sent out to Antigua. That took 5 days to arrive. The vital bike part is still in the East Midlands 15 days after being picked up and I can't get any information as to what is happening to it! But like I've said before there are worst places to be stuck. Jill has been in Spanish school all this time and living with Leti and Luis. I've been hassling DHL, doing some voluntary work helping to clear land of rubbish, looking dolefully at Nancy and am about to go back into Spanish school for a couple of afternoons. I think we will go and visit Copan in Honduras next week by bus because even Paradise can wear a bit thin after 5 weeks.


  1. Thanks for posting all the Antigua pics, which brought back some good memories. My stay in San Pedro was v. brief, as the towns water suply was out, with long processions of women carrying containers from the lake, but it looks like it has come on a bit in 16 years !
    Hope you enjoy Copan, which we thought the very best mayan site, and on your return there's a parcel from DHL. Hasta luego.

  2. Sorry to hear you're stuck. Go to Copan though - its a great little place - yhe best place in Honduras. Good cafe's bars and restauants.

    Walk out of town to Copan ruins. Make sure you go to the furthest part of the ruins that most people don't get too.