Thursday, May 6, 2010

Arrived at the start -Wednesday 5th may 2010

Well we made it to Canada!
Had a goodbye party on the 1/5/10 at the house which was lovely to see everybody and was rather moving. They all turned up again at 1000 to wave us goodbye as we headed off to London to stay with my Aunt Gillie. Went to Kew Gardens the next day and Jill started not feeling too good. The next day I set off for air Canada to check the bike in. Jill was feeling very rough so stayed in bed. Only took an hour to pack the bike in a crate and sign all the paperwork. Everything went very smoothly and I caught the tube back into London. Air Canada then rang to say that they needed to x-ray the panniers and do some tests on the petrol for a dangerous goods licence. They very kindly sent a car and I was back at the cargo terminal unpacking the bike crate which had been beautifully raped in cling film. Air samples taken, petrol samples taken, all luggage x-rayed and I was given a lift back to Gillie's. Couldn't be more impressed with Air Canada cargo who despite having to call me back did a wonderful job and all for £653.
Plane left at 1005 on the 5/5/10 and was an uneventful flight. Watched the film 'Invictus' about South Africa which was very inspiring. Had first night booked into a Quality Inn at Halifax Airport and having dropped Jill off there ( she by this time was feeling very ill, not breathing properly and with a very bad sore throat) went back to pick up the bike. 1 1/2 hours later, having got customs to stamp what they had too, I was free on the Canadian roads just in time to take Jill to a walk in Medical centre as she was feeling terrible. Armed with antibiotics and a more powerful puffer we are still in the Quality Inn as it said on the bottle 'not to be taken with camping'. The things Jill will do to stay in a Hotel! Jill looking much better but by tomorrow with the threat of the tent things could get a lot worst again, but we will see.


  1. My sister would never want to stay in a hotel when she has a loverley tent to stay in!!!

  2. Well stuck here in Plymouth we have decided on the optimistic interpretation that Jill is back on her feet and that you are truly away with Nancy on the open road. Looking forward to the next instalment...Colin & Wendy xxx