Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thurs 13th May 2010
Well it's bloody freezing here! Night time is so cold you risk finding any part of your body not covered up, lying beside you in the morning having falling off with frostbite. We had a short reprieve yesterday and today which we took advantage of, and visited Peggy's Cove, a local beauty spot with amazing granite rock formations, and today Halifax-which is rather dull apart from the waterfront, which has had lots of money thrown at it and is a pleasant place to spend an afternoon. Oh and of course Garrison Brewing where I enjoyed a very palatable award winning Garrisons Irish Red beer. Can't find a decent coffee though unless you are into Tim Hortons (dotted around like a bad case of chicken pox), vanilla, mint or hazelnut!! And oh boy do these Canadians like their sweet food. Even bread is sweet.

Now we are mostly recovered from our respective bugs, we are gradually ramping up the sightseeing, which is not before time having spent our first week merely eating, sleeping and beating a path to and from the pharmacy and doctor. We are now carrying more pills and potions than clothes!! A sign of advancing years me thinks.

If the weather holds we are off to Yarmouth tomorrow. But not before a big bowl of David's speciality of steaming hot porridge to warm the cockles of our hearts.

Judging by the cost of food will be either living off gruel or back home by June!! If you fancy sending us Red Cross parcels do feel free. Address on application.

Woodhaven Campground is basic but friendly, and we are assured does an amazing Lobster to order, for impoverished campers like us. The tent is holding up after some god awful rain. And it is just as well our noses are still blocked because it is too cold to shower!! Good bear repellant! The downside is that we are surrounded by RV's which resemble apartment blocks. We rarely see any inhabitants because I am convinced they have their very own shopping malls inside!

Well it is pitch black sat outside the tent wearing all my motorbike gear, updating the blog, and my fingers have lost all sensation, so I am off to bury myself in my sleeping bag fully clothed of course-it is not for the faint hearted this camping lark!!

With a bit of luck and warmth, we will be back....


  1. already sounds like an adventure to me keep your chins up and and onwards and forward it can only get better!!!!!

  2. Hi Julie, Lovely to hear from you. Yes it is a bit of a trial at the moment. But we have had a couple of sunny days so are beginning to thaw out and do some exploring. Really chuffed you are following the Blog. Can you send me your email again. Ours is


  3. Hey jill and David well the adventure has begun after the little hiccup. Sounds great and look forward to the next blog x