Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Goodbye Nancy 2/6/2011

The final stretch of our journey was plotted on the pannier-we've wiggled quite a way since we began our journey on 5th May 2010 in Halifax, Nova Scotia (the only flag we couldn't get hold of was Costa Rica-we'll have to try eBay!) Nancy was packed for the last time before we headed off to meet Julio at Panama Soluciones Logisticas Int who had organised the shipping of Nancy back to the UK by air with FedEx. Paperwork all done we headed for the airport and once through a security check we watched as they made a pallet for transport Nancy on. Nancy was then loaded on,
the petrol was drained out, and the dismantling began. The front wheel mudguard and calliper were removed, along with the screen and mirrors, the rear tyre deflated and everything tied down with bits of string. It then started to rain so Nancy was moved undercover, and everything was placed along side for the rapping process. First rapped in black cling film, and then over wrapped with stronger clear film that held the labels. Looking like a motorbike wrapped in plastic it made it's way to the FedEx. were it was weighed, and finally strapped. Two days later Nancy had touched down in London Heathrow.
Initially we had been quoted £350 by James Cargo to get her out of customs in Heathrow, so we decided to do it ourselves. However on talking to FedEx at Heathrow, they said it was possible to do ourselves, but the bike would have to be transferred to Manchester for that to happen! Otherwise we would have to use an agent to clear customs at Heathrow. FedEx recommended an agent, so we decided to go that route. The agent was very efficient and after a couple of emails, we had completed and emailed the customs form, paid £120 and were assured that Nancy will be ready to pick up and reassemble on Saturday when we arrive back at Heathrow.

So now along side our tent, there is a big hole in our universe the size of Nancy.

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