Thursday, June 9, 2011

Travels without Nancy

We went to Summit Park and saw some animals at the zoo. Macaws, a crocodile with a great set of teeth, The 'Love Lives here' bench that bit Jill and made my tongue go numb when I sucked the bite, tortoises, a jaguar, deer, a tapir, the harpy eagle, the largest breed of eagle in the world that was truly amazing black monkeys, sad monkeys, and toucans, Plus a lot of other animals that we didn't know the names off.
The following day Jill came down with an attack of Montezumas revenge and spent the day on a couch taking things that made her feel better, and being fussed over by Shaun and Lucas. I went off to see Panama Viejo. There isn't a lot left of the original and oldest Spanish settlement in the Americas and what is left has had a road built through it in the '70 so it was difficult to really get a feel of the place. The view from the Cathedral tower was stunning and the oldest bridge is here in the Americas. Lots of restoration has been going on and there is still more to do, but for a 25 cent bus ride it was worth visiting.
Casco Viejo is the historic district of Panama City. So we decided to spend the day walking around it. There is a mixture of beautifully restored colonial buildings, standing cheek by jowl next to the hollow shell of buildings with only the front fa├žade remaining Looking faded, yet retaining the elegance and majesty of a former era, they are just waiting to to display their former splendour and wonderfully shabby chic dwellings
In fact many of these 'shells' are in the process of being restored and one day soon Casco Viejo is going to be a very stylish place to live
I was still feeling a bit feak and weeble and this road sign was just how I felt
On the way back to Panama Passage David decided to get his hair cut at a barber on the side of the road check out the razor blade and cut throat razor (there have been moments on this trip when I wouldn't have trusted myself with that when I was giving him a short back and sides!!) Doesn't he look like a new man.

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