Tuesday, June 1, 2010

20-21st May 2010 R&R

Hello Campers!!

It's Jill again. Well David is perched beside me telling me what to do cos I don't know how to write!!

A quick summary of a couple of days rest and relaxation, though one could argue we are having a year of r&r! The day we arrived back at the camp site it rained, and we resorted to cooking in the awning: well David cooked, I supervised-I haven't yet worked out how to use our one ring burner-and it sounds like a rocket when it is fired up and I'm scared of it!!! (great excuse heh!)

Then we had an early night in our five star accommodation

The following day we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of juice, porridge and fresh fruit. As you can see we are dressed for the occasion

After breakfast we washed all our many clothes - took at least 5 mins! Did the housework, plotted our course for the next leg of the journey, and the following day packed up in search of the sun. We have heard it is 30 degrees in Montreal - we're on our way, weeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Love 'n' stuff xxxx

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