Thursday, June 3, 2010

Heading towards Quebec 25th May 2010

Hi David here (Jill typing!!)

Set off into the morning mist along side the water with towering cliffs to our left. Started to rain hard and I regretted that I hadn't got any waterproof trousers having dropped them while leaving Barbie's in Baddeck. Nancy was also feeling the dampness and 50 miles from our days start she just stopped near Mont St Pierre.

No spluttering, no complaining just dead nothing .

Luckily it had stopped raining. While Jill stood around offering helpful advice (:() the tank came off and connectors were checked. An electrical fault was present. After half an hour and storm clouds looming, there was a slight improvement but Nancy was only just firing in short bursts. Luckily I remembered passing a Yamaha garage and flagging a car down, negotiated Jill into the front seat to get help. Half a hour later the cavalry arrived and we were trailered back to the garage

Pierre and Dominic were wonderfully helpful, and eventually after four hours, a soaking wet plug was discovered by the starter motor in the depths of the engine. While having the facilities I changed all the oils, having done nearly 4000 miles since leaving Plymouth. Meanwhile Jill, had settled herself into a nearby Motel .

The following morning we set off complete with a set of new waterproofs for me courtesy of Pierre at half price

Eventually we arrived at Quebec City, found a camp-site which at $34 a night we decided was too expensive, and drove off into town where we found a Tourist Information who gave us another camp site address with a more reasonable price of $22, half a mile from the first one but 20 miles and an hour and a half through Quebec rush hour.

The weather by this time was sweltering, and neither Nancy nor we enjoyed the constant stop-start through the dense traffic.

The following day we drove into and walked all day around Quebec City

I planned our sight-seeing tour

And we headed off for the impressive Chateau Fontenac

The Observatoire de la Capitale from which we saw the city from 221 meters up on the 31st floor (well worth the $5. Here's a view of old Quebec City which is the only walled city remaining in North America and it is very quaint

And at ground level the old town

And the amazing Mural of Quebecers a fresco in the trompe-l'oeil style depicting 400 years of Quebec City history

The old part of Quebec City is really lovely. To justify our evening meal at Mike's Restaurant, we stayed until dark to see the City's artistic impression of the Northern Lights

On the way home by virtue of taking a wrong turn, we came across an explosive dance performance sponsored by Carrefour des Arts, on the steps of a church. So we had a bit of light entertainment on the way home

The following morning we packed up in lovely sunshine (things are looking up!!), and headed for Montreal to stay with Judee.

It's great to see we have some Blog followers, and lovely to read your comments. Keep them coming. It's nice to hear from you.

Lol xx


  1. Hi Jill - I am following your RSS feed with great interest. Keep the blog going - it is fascinating to keep tabs on you as you make your journey. I hope David and Nancy keep going!! Jx

  2. Hi Julia,

    Lovely to hear from you.

    I hope all is well at Netmums:

    We are having great fun writing the Blog. There are so many adventures to write about. The main challenge is staying on top of it. It still feels odd being a 'traveller', and we find ourselves trying to work out what it means to us both as a couple, and as individuals embarking on our own inner journey! There have been lots of practical things to negotiate, like who does what and when (team work!!), but also pacing ourselves, and managing the budget so that we can get as much out of our funds as possible. But also it is interesting to observe how we open ourselves up to possibilities for adventure. It can be quite easy to just travel as a couple in our own little bubble. But we have found the Canadians a very hospitable and generous people. Even stopping to shop creates opportunities to meet people, who are drawn to the bike initially, (it is unusual to see a BMW-most bikes are Harley Davidson's)and fascinated by our trip and invite us to share their homes, and lives.

    So I think as time goes by we will feel more comfortable with accepting invitations and taking risks.

    Do stay in touch. It's lovely to read comments on our Blog. It feels so much more interactive.