Friday, June 4, 2010


Hi David here,

Arrived at Judee's and haven't been made more welcome since I was born. Had a beautiful ride down the southern shore of the St.Lawrence. Jill has decided that camping isn't for her so we have been looking at up grades. I love riding the bike so we are looking at compromises.
The bike fully loaded handles a bit like a shopping trolley at slow speeds but with this upgrade it was more like a grand piano on a 1 in 4 hill!!. oh well maybe we will have to stick to the tent.

Sunday was Judee's daughters 21st birthday party which was a great way to meet some really lovely people. Meet Judee our most generous host, Linny whose birthday it was
and some of the lovely people of Montreal who have made our stay so special . Jill got into the swing of things and a very good night was had by all..

Having done all our washing and gone through our bags for the 20th time trying to see what we didn't need, we headed off to explore Montreal. Doesn't have the old world charm of Quebec but is a thriving modern city with 30 Kms of underground shopping! The Cathedral was very highly painted .

The French are known for their culinary taste but somehow the only true bi-lingual nation that claims deep French connection has missed the point with it local delicacy of poutine, chips, curd cheese and gravy, Mmmmmmmm!

The next day we started writing this blog up in earnest. We were 2 weeks behind. as you can see it was a thrilling time for us both.

The next day went shopping and filled our bags up with much more useful stuff than the large parcel we are sending home (Purple really is my colour so I couldn't resist!) Went Dragon boat paddling which was great fun on the lake. Beautiful sunset that has been enhanced by all the smoke in the air from the forest fires in Northern Quebec.

Had a very scrumptious meal at Ken and Shorty's (see party picture) Her special cookies are much sought after, and Shorty promised Jill her recipe for her goat cheese preserve, a taste bud extravaganza.

Off to Judee's cottage about an hour and a half away near Sherbrooke for the weekend. Jill has another sort throat which is laying her under poor thing.


  1. for a teensy minute i thought the upgrade was true, but i did wonder how a weeny bike was going to drag the upgrade!! I read about the delicay of gravy chips and curd in this novel I have been reading! Yum yum

  2. love reading the blog jill and the photos are amazing not sure about the chips cheese curd and gravy though!!! yes like gwen i thought for a minute or two that the up grade was true!!Finding myself looking at the blog every couple of days as cant wait to read the next adventure.

  3. Me too. Upgrade sounds a really good idea but not sure Nancy would agree! Delicacies of gravy, chips and curd? Mmmmmh! Not sure about that!

    Really interesting to see glimpses of Montreal and Quebec. Isn't it fascinating how different places have their own very unique personality?

    So glad to hear pills and potions seem to have worked and you're more upright now. Sounds like you're both really settling into the experience now. Lovely to read and looking forward to reading more. Do hope Nancy feels the same!

    Bye for now.
    Margy x

  4. Hi both

    Reading with interest. I think Jill is only getting bad throats because of all the sticky buns she keeps eating!!! More fresh air is required, so no more staying in B&Bs.

    Have a great time - love to you both.

    Val & Chris x