Sunday, July 11, 2010

2 More days in Calgary

We didn't do much the next day but catch up on the blog, rest and watch the T.V. On Sunday it was family day at the Stampede and if you arrived before 0900 you got in free otherwise it was about $14 each, so we got up early and joined most of Calgary on our tram to the stampede grounds to look at everything that we hadn't seen on Friday, which included Indian Dancing
Stock dog (sheepdog) trials, Jill enjoying the fair and finding a Plaque in the Grandstand.
Came home early to pack up for our departure tomorrow towards Redmond and the BMWOA rally.


  1. Hi Dave and Jill,

    I`m at the Redmond rally and looked for you everywhere! It shouldn`t be difficult there`s on ly 6,000 people here! Where are you?

    Bri (650 Dakar)

  2. Hi Brian, we have been looking for you too. We checked out the notice wall but no sign of you. We are behind the Hooker Creek Event Centre, in the quiet camping area (block 8). Our tent is just on the left hand corner of the road near the barns and the newly installed portaloos-you will see our elaborate awning!! and of course the bike. Come and find us. Look forward to meeting up again. David is off wandering around so you may even see him. Look out for a Panama Hat!! Hope you get this message before we leave tomorrow. Jillxx

  3. Hi t both of you seems like a great adventure unfolding! Nice to see Howard Vs name on the plaque acknowledging the architect! I'm not sure about all this animal domination: chasing, tying up, forced riding etc. The stadium seemd so large and the creeturs so small and alone; funny the way we humans need to show our superiority innit! By the by I have taken my retirement and made a farewell speech that failed to raise tears (but only just!). Sitting on my haunch or is it haunches(sounds like venison?)and pretty much raising the same questions as your own....Lovely scenery you have shared so far although the cold, mosquitoes and high prices make me wince a bit. love Colin n Wendy