Saturday, July 10, 2010

Now the Pics and Links

Jill gets all the fun!

Lake Louise

Soaking in a hot spring

Meet an Elk


Moraine Lake

consolation lake


Takakkaw waterfall

Emerald Lake

Spiral tunnels

Return to Calgary

Next the stampede


  1. gettin a bit fancy ...uploading vids!

  2. Fantastic stories so far....fascinating to follow. Hope you are both well.
    Pete and Helena xx

  3. Ah Mr Allum, how nice to hear from you. Hope all is well with you too. Delighted to hear you are enjoying the Blog. It takes hours of dedication-especially uploading videos! Just enjoying our last night of luxury in Calgary staying at Bev's house. It's gonna be hard to tear ourselves away. It has been bliss having a decent shower, sleeping in a proper bed, cooking on more than one burner, sitting on sofas and generally enjoying all the trappings of a four walls rather than a tent. Heading off tomorrow towards Oregon for a motorbike rally, and lots of smelly bikers no doubt!Lol xx

  4. Oh wow Jill those pictures are fabulous.

  5. hi both, loving the blog the pictures are amazing especially the lakes,they look like picture postcards absolutely stunning. The stampede looked to be great fun and the weather seems as if it is being kinder to you,hope you enjoyed the motor bike rally looking forward to next installment xx

  6. Hi everyone, lovely to read your comments. The scenery is stunning, so it is not difficult to take such wonderful snaps. Every so often I jump into one just to remind myself that I was here!! Motorbike rally is fun. Just doing a few hours volunteering!!! xx