Saturday, July 31, 2010

To Crater Lake

We left Redmond early on Sunday 18th July heading south along the 372 past Mt. Bachelor and the Sisters which are both part of the Cascade Mountain range. The road was closed further up as a biker had hit a deer, the biker we heard was OK but the bike and the deer were both killed.
It was a very beautiful ride past lava flows and strange eating places full of stuffed animals. On entering the Crater Lake National park we drove straight to the camp site at Mazama Village and back into Mosquito country.

The next day we were on the road by 0900 (Jill is getting good at this- ++well I had to get good my life wasn't worth living otherwise!!++) and met Murph a lively Irish man naturalised to Florida, who said he had decided it was as cheap to travel as it was to stay at home and drink, so he has given up the demon booze in exchange for mind expanding adventures
then we drove around the 35 rim road. The lake was created when Mt Mazama imploded, the cone being too heavy it sunk into the space created by the expelled lava. The lake is about 6 miles across and took 800 years to fill with rain and snow. It's 1900 feet deep in parts being the deepest lake in North America and apart from having a helicopter and 2 dead people who crashed into it, it's water is very pure.
We met Adam on our way round who has been on the road for 4 and a half years.
He looked well if not a little wild. We exchanged stories and left feeling very much like novices. Anyway Crater Lake is like being on top of the world, but which bit of top am I on? It was very hot in the sun, so Jill found a way to cool off.
We left the lake around 1300 and headed towards Salem.

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