Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bryce Canyon National Park

Woke on the 3rd day to thick fog. Couldn't see more than 50 yards but the good news was that it wasn't raining. It had rained 3.05 inches in the last 2 days, not bad for a desert area. Despondent that we might have to spend another day in the motel we went to breakfast and by the time we had finished the fog was lifting so we decided to make a run for it , first to see Bryce and then onto Zion. Bryce is high. About 8500 feet which explains it's cold weather but the rock colours were just stunning, Coral to ochra with yellows and shapes of brown mixed in. The drive through is about 20 miles with different view points and on our way back black clouds were starting to build. Soon it was hailing as the temperature again dropped to zero but luckily it soon passed to open up more great visas. When you are dressed to ride a motorbike and it starts raining/hailing it's not really a big deal, (except if you are fashion conscious) but watching people who were in heated cars making a run for it in sandals and short skirts adds to the sense of drama. Looked like there was some great hikes down in the canyon but we didn't give ourselves time for that pleasure (maybe next time) so with one last view we headed off towards Zion National Park along the 12 through Red Canyon before turning onto the 89 south and at Mt. Carmel Junction westward on the 9, where just before we entered the park the road had closed at 1600 as it was being resurfaced not being helped by the rains over the last couple of days. We camped at the Zion RV Campground, which looked like it was waiting to be finished, but the showers were good despite the cold.

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