Thursday, October 14, 2010

Towards Las Vegas and Route 66

The following morning bright and early around 06.30 sunrise we jumped out of our cosy sleeping bags, which really have been a great purchase from REI breakfasted and packed.
Todays journey would take us towards Las Vegas, a far cry from what we have been used to in the National Parks. We had booked in to a Hotel Casino just off 'the strip' for $24 a night plus $1 for a buffet breakfast (in Las Vegas!!!!-cheap). But first we decided to take part of Route 66 or what is left of it. The first Route 66 sign we came across was just off the interstate. The road ran for a short while alongside the interstate which as supplanted it and in the process lead to the decay and demise of the small towns and independent diners and gas stations typically associated with Route 66. But Seligman was not going to be beaten by creeping urbanisation and in retaining a nostalgia for the past is now a thriving little town sought out by the tourist
The road stretched lazily on and every so often just to keep us alert we came upon Burma Shave adverts as seen in The Fastest Indian (click on the image then use your + button to focus in).
Fuelling up along the way we headed along the I 93 towards Las Vegas. We saw lots of land (well desert) for sale and houses seemingly in the middle of nowhere if there is such a place. The road pressed on in searing heat through more desert and road improvements towards the Hoover Dam and a gentle reminder about the time zones
-we have some difficulty remembering whether we are on 'mountain or pacific time; and sometimes the Indian Reseravtions adopt one time zone whilst the rest of the State is on another!
Quick photo stop under the new bridge then onwards and into Nevada and Las Vegas and our resting place for the next 3 nights.

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  1. defo been to the Palace station! had a keyring from there, gosh about 15 years ago!! I loooove Vegas, what is there to dislike!!! Total tat but fabulous anyway