Tuesday, October 26, 2010

San Francisco

Arrived Thurs afternoon. Met Stephanie, Nacho's bubbly girlfriend. Nacho arrived home from work. Exchanged stories over pasta supper.
Friday we had a gentle start to the day, then set off on various errands to BMW, REI, Walmart to look at tents, buy spark plugs and oil filter. That night we collected Stephanie from the Hotel creche where she works part time when not a school, bought me a camera from Best Buy, then set off to a local Italian restaurant called Gypsys for Pasta which was delicious.
Saturday we all headed into San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge. Nacho told us that it is rarely clear enough to see as it is usually shrouded in mist. But just for us although it was grey we had a good view and took lots of photos. Then we headed off to the piers and it lashed down. So much so that we each bought one of those plastic ponchos and spent the afternoon walking around looking like very colourful condoms! Not to be deterred by the rain we watched an British Acrobatics troup performing some pretty delicate manoeuvres, then went for clam chowder served in a hollowed out sourdough bun-very tasty indeed.
We were going to go for a ride in a cable car, but decided a photo would suffice. Then finally we headed off to Lombard Street and the wiggly road. We jumped out of the truck, joined a gaggle of Japanese tourists in the middle of the road, and took photos. Soaked to our underwear we headed home where Stephanie cooked nopales, a delicious Mexican dish whilst the boys took off to see a friend of Nacho's to use his TIG welder to repair the side stand. It now has a quirky bend in it which I am told will make it more stable and strong.
On Sunday, the rain persisted and so we took off to an IMAX theatre to watch Forces of Nature. It is an amazing theatre with a surround screen and sound. After a quick bit to eat we headed off to the Winchester Mysterious House where we spent a few hours on tours. which had some amazing stained glass windows. That evening Stephanie cooked Tortillas de papa for Nacho, his parents and little Brother Mario and us. Nacho's mum brought Pumpkin and Apple Pies which we heartily enjoyed.
Monday saw us wave Nacho and Stephanie off to work and school, and we spent a few hours doing admin...writing the Blog, checking emails, searching for tyres and fixing my Autocom headphones, with the help of Nacho Sr who popped over with a connector and his soldering iron. Stephanie popped home for lunch, dressed into her butterfly outfit before departing for the creche and we continued with our admin.

That evening Nacho took us back to Best Buy to change the camera case which came with the camera as it was too small. He persuaded the manager to give us discount on an external hard drive were were going to purchase as a gesture of goodwill, and so we got $20 dollars discount on an already marked sale item. Fab!! Then he drove us around to find a sheet of aluminium, some pop rivets and a hinge so David could make us a wind shield for our Primus stove because the one which comes with it had fallen apart.
That night Stephanie excelled herself and produced a wonderful last supper of Sopes aided and abetted by Nacho. After which I finished the Blog. David finished his creation and we both fell into bed around 00.30 exhausted.
Got up Tuesday morning to be greeted by a flood in the kitchen, which took a while to clear up but no lasting damage was caused. Packed up and headed off.

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