Sunday, August 1, 2010

Having fun on the Sand

The following day we returned the truck to Frank, where we were very kindly invited to stay. We sorted out the car rental and settled into their luxurious home.
Saturday was forecast to be a hot day and Frank decided that a day at the beach Sand Railing would be fun. We were going to head out to see some volcanoes, but we both decided that a day at the beach whizzing between sand dunes would be an adventure, so with Courtney and Daniel, their friends, who travelled in their own truck, Frank, Jill and myself towing the sand rail we set off for Sand Lake on the Oregon coast.
On arrival we had to dip our feet in the Pacific Ocean to mark the crossing of the North American Continent. ++ Then the fun began. Becoming rather cocky with my driving skill I went on and hit a tree. You might hear Jill swear and see the sand rail jump in the video. I couldn't hide the fact that I wasn't a good driver as a bit of the tree was still in the tyre. ++ I, that is Jill had a wail of a time squealing heartily as we both had a go at speeding up and down steep dunes and racing around the beach. I have read that we should each take time each day to do something we have never done before. Well this was it for me. Fab too! ++

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