Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not a lot of Jasper

Jill woke me at 0645 as she sprung out of her sleeping bag. Maybe that's why the day went pear shaped. It started as an OK day but by the time we had got on the road I was really pissed off with Jill who I had perceived as having spent the time from rising to leaving the camp site criticising my every action. We stopped at the Athabasca falls and drove along the 93a visiting Mount Edith Cavell shrouded in mist
on the way into Jasper. The time spent in my helmet had made me question why I was travelling with Jill. This was supposed to be a happy experience and I was not happy at all. In fact I was feeling downright miserable and wondering what it would be like to travel on my own. It couldn't be worse than this. I might get a bit lonely and have to cook for myself but I wouldn't have to put up with the contempt. So over lunch, after we had been shopping, I told Jill that I didn't know why I was 'dragging her around Canada'. As you can imagine the response was less than favourable and Jill went into withdrawal only mentioning that Vancouver would be a good place to fly home from. We didn't see much of Jasper or the surrounding sights that it might have to offer, but spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the bike with the intercom off travelling along the 16 and then the 5. Nancy had been running rough for quite a while. She would hit the 4000 rpm and then it felt like the engine was going to fall out of the bike. It only happened when the bike was hot and I had visions of bearings spinning inside there casings or gears chewing themselves up. I kept balancing the Carbs
but to no avail. What ever it is it ain't good. Saw a turn off to Little Hell's gate Provincial Park, which sounded a bit like our relationship at that time, so went down a gravel road for a mile to see if there was any camping but there wasn't. We drove on until we found a camp site just outside Clearwater. Some reflection was done that night and in the morning I apologised for my behaviour which Jill accepted but thought she had apologised enough for herself over the last 13 years so wasn't going to offer another one now. Welcome to the Reality bike riding show!

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