Friday, August 20, 2010

Nakusp to Revelstoke

Arrived Revelstoke where we were met by Peter. Carol was away for the day on a ride out. Here is the view from their house. Peter confessed to not being able to cook so after a quick dash to the grocery store for a few bits and bobs, we cobbled together a pizza for supper and chatted about this and that.
Peter works at the local saw mill so he was gone by 6am the next day. David spent some time doing clothes washing, fixing the bike stand, and the brakes on the bike. And my job is the Blog. So I spent a few hours tickled pink as I recalled our recent adventures. Late afternoon Carol arrived home, and armed with a couple of G&T's we sat and compared 'the trials and tribulations of travelling with a man' stories.
After a lovely birthday supper of vegetarian lasagne which believe it or not the men had been out and purchased; washed down with a little vino blanco, to celebrate Carol's birthday, and lots of chat about travels, we retired.
The following day I finished the Blog, so yes folks you have me to blame for these tomes containing our adventures. David Did some washing and shopping for our hosts; and in the evening Carol conjured up a vegetarian fritata washed down with an unpronouncable chilled German sweet wine-fabulous!!

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  1. hey brave voyageurs...have you been bewitched by Canada? changed your plans to visit Tierra del Fuego? xoxo Judee