Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nakusp BMW Rally 19th August 2010

We left Peter and Carol's on Thursday morning and drove up to the top of Mount Revelstoke through the national park. There were a lot of fires raging around the Williams Lake area and the air was full of smoke as can be seen in the picture. The road is 24 kms long and climbs about 4000 ft. There were Mosquitoes the size of wrens when we got off the bike but we have learnt and Jill now has a large bag full of things to deter and if necessary kill these predators. Smelling sweetly we set off to walk around the area. Here is the fire look out.
I blame my huffing and puffing on the altitude, but sitting on the bike all day with the only activity being the need to get my leg over when we stop and start maybe doesn't help.
We then retraced our path back over the ferry and along the lake to Nakusp were the Bee Cee Beemers were having a get together. It is advertised as the best food served at any rally, so Jill was looking forward to a few days off from slaving over a hot one ring. Having signed in and paid our $140 for the 3 days we set camp with much song and dance. Would the tent be better facing the tree or over hereby the fire pit? If it was there someone else might come and put there tent up in the middle? Maybe it would be better over there? Does my bum look big in this? Just lots of questions that inflict us as human beings. Anybody watching would think we had never camped before! We met up with Bert and April later,
who we had met in McMinnville, and they moved over to us as their neighbour shook their tent with his snoring. Talking Technical with Roy and Murph
When we were here for the HU meeting I had taken Nancy for a warm up run as I was tuning the Carbs and a car had reversed out of it's parking place right in front of me. Luckily I was only doing about 15mph but even throwing out all the anchors I hit their rear wheel and the back of Nancy lifted off the ground. I didn't fall off and after checking out the bike everything looked to be OK. I have since noticed a little more front wobble at slow speeds, which has always been present but hopefully nothing of long term importance.
We had a very relaxing 3 days. Jill spent time swimming in the Arrow lakes on which Nakusp nestles.
The last Blog was downloaded and more Red pepper jam was brought from the Saturday market. I had a hair cut in Jill's expert hands. We caught up with David and Diane who we had also met in Mcminnville and were very sociable (Sorry no Picture). In the evening of the first night some early footage of Joey Dunlop racing in Northern Ireland and at the Isle of Man were shown, and on the Friday night 'The world's fastest Indian' with Anthony Hopkins was on offer, which is one of my favourite films and not just because it is about motorbikes. Prizes were given out on the Saturday night and we didn't win anything, after which we pack up ready for our early departure on Sunday.

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