Saturday, April 16, 2011

Campeche 9/4/2011

Feeling cooled off just long enough to get on the bike, we headed off past burning countryside and trucks to a petrol station where 3 BMW 1200 GS's pull up along side. On one was Hector and Olga who invited us back to stay at their house in Campeche. With Nancy garaged, a pool in the garden and great host we had found a piece of heaven. The guide book said that you had to 'lock up your daughters' in Campeche so we weren't going to stop there as robbery was common place, but Hector was adamant that it was a really safe place, so it was a great pleasure to savour it's delights. Ironically Hector had his office broken into over the weekend and all this computers and work related equipment was stolen. We were so sorry for him. We travelled around at night in Hector's Jeep which Jill had to be helped into the back of, looking at sunsets over the harbour, taking in the artistic merit, and strolling part of the 5 mile Malecon. The city is a world heritage site and is very pleasant, with a history of pirates and walls to keep them out. Colourful single storey houses, with courtyards, and of course churches. The night before we left the landlord of the property, a retired doctor, had a surprise birthday party, which was a great parting feast for us too. Thank you Hector and Olga for being such great hosts and we hope your life together is all that you dream it will be.

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