Saturday, April 16, 2011


Our guide book mentioned a good camping spot near Uxmal just 4 Kms from the site with a swimming pool so that is what we headed for, having stopped for provisions on the way, only to find that it was closed, along with 2 other hotels in the vicinity. Boiling over we looked at one just across the road from the ruins but even with discount it was 950 pesos so we moved on to the Lodge which was on site. The pool looked so inviting and at a bigger discount so only 900 pesos we were soon unpacked and cooling off. You could swim in the bath if you didn't fancy the pool and Jill quickly made friends with the towelswan. We made sure we got to the 'sight and sound' this time, which was very beautiful and wetted our appetite for the morning, Arriving as the gates opened at 0800 we were amazed to find that there was no natural water on site, so they collected rainwater.
Here are some pictures:-

Mind blown from the majesty and magnificence and suffering from mild heat stroke we went back to the hotel to swim, pack and head off in the direction of Campeche not knowing where we would spend the night.

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  1. Jill, pool, swimming! That bathroom looked very posh! Surprised you did any sight seeing with a room like that!