Saturday, April 16, 2011

Casada de Misol-Ha and Aqua Azul

Another early start and heading south towards Ocosingo and San Cristobal along good roads. we stopped at Casada de Misol-Ha. You could walk behind the falls
to a cave with a stream and waterfall in it.
Very beautiful and possible to swim in but as the day was still young and we hadn't boiled over yet we saved our swim for the next stop. Aqua Azul was a further 25 kms up the road in wonderful countryside past roadside markets selling clothes. The falls were spread over a large area
and were what Semuc Champey would be like if the river flowed through the pools not underneath them.

By this time we were hot enough for a swim but the water wasn't as warm as the Caribbean but very refreshing none the less. Travelling on towards San Cristobal on a wonderful windy biking road we arrived around 1700 and found a hotel with good parking for Nancy and a comfortable room for us. At 2100 metres the climate here is much cooler, being almost chilly at night, but a great relief from the stick heat of the Yucatan.

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  1. Cascade Falls is beautiful... place like this we have in Arkansas... pics Im have som on my Blog