Saturday, April 16, 2011

Palenque 12/4/2011

We left early again to miss some of the heat, and just outside the town were stopped by the police, who once they had seen our passports and driving licence agreed to have their photo taken. We drove following the Gulf of Mexico coast rather bland after the Caribbean, through Champotón as far as Sabarcuy, before heading inland to Palenque. We stopped at the El Panchan a group of lodging places and ended up staying at Another towelswan greeted us and the shower wins the award for the best we have come across. The heat and humidity here in the middle of the jungle was intense and we were grateful for the fan. Having had a very good meal at we slept well before catching a colectivo to the ruins for opening time at 0800. Palenque is different from the other sites on our Mayan tour except Tikal, which is much bigger, as it is set in the jungle with streams running through it and is very lush. Here are some pictures:-

The valley beyond, the magnificent trees, and the streams.
In the museum the incense burners, the carvings, the sarcophagus weighing 13 tons and the jade masks. Exhilarated and exhausted we got replenished at Don Mucho's before another hot night in the jungle.

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