Friday, September 24, 2010

Leaving Yellowstone and the Grand Teton. 22/9/10

Rose to -6C on the thermometer which sped our packing up and by 0900 we were getting on the road back to Norris and then east to Canyon. Stopped to look at the Grand canyon of Yellowstone and the upper and lower Falls , which were quite amazing. These picture are rather smokey due to the fires. The lower falls drops about 300 ft and we walked down a very windy path to have a closer look. The 600ft climb back up warmed us and we stopped to take in the view more than once. Travelling round the north rim road we stopped at various points to get the views We then travelled around to the south rim road to look at the upper falls which aren't as high but the water races through a narrows before throwing itself of the cliff. Further on we had a great view of the lower falls
and the colours of the canyon. Heading south to Lake village we came across Bill and his mates causing a 'Buffalo Jam' and then onto the south entrance just as large black clouds were starting to deposit there contents onto us. This road leading south travels straight into the Grand Teton National Park which has a range of spectacular mountains but due to the precipitation we didn't spend much time looking at them. On the other side of the mountains is a huge flat plain called Jackson Hole before the mountains rise again on the far side. There were more small fires in the hill just above where we camped for the night in the Gros Ventre camp site. The camp site was very beautiful with the fall colours of the trees. We met Jordan, a fellow biker who was travelling north wearing everything he had at night before moving onto the Hostel in Jackson Hole mountain resort for Jillie to have a good pampering and the blog to get written up. The weather is forecast to be sunny and as we head south today towards Utah I think the thermals can be put away.

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