Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Sunshine Coast.

We caught the Queen of Burnaby ferry from Comax to Powell River a 1 hour 20 minute crossing and travelled down the 101 to Saltery Bay where we picked up Island Sky ferry to Earles Cove a short 50 minute hop. The road from Earles Cove down to Gibsons was a very pleasant one, and we arrived to the ferry terminal to be told there wasn't a ferry for 90 minutes so we went back into Gibsons to look around. Gibsons played host to the longest running soap on Canadian TV called the Beachcombers. was were it all happened. A very floral houseboat was in the marina. Arriving back at the ferry terminal at Langdale for the 40 minute crossing to Horseshoe bay I got talking to some bikers who regaled me with tales of crashing at high speed and breaking down due to poor maintenance. As I don't drive very fast and am neurotic about maintenance could account for the reason I don't draw a crowd and have any dramatic tales to tell. Here is Jill looking windswept on the ferry. We scooted off through Vancouver and headed towards Seattle stopping late for the night at a rather seedy and Cedar Lane Motel (which seemed to be home for the dispossessed) on the Canadian side that accepted all our Canadian loose change as this was our last night in Canada.Jill added It was a bit of a low note to end our travels of Canada, which is a very beautiful country so long as you can cope with bears, mosquitoes and have a very deep pocket. And over the course of nearly 4 months most of the Motels we have stayed in, have been in reasonable condition-this was the worst-it did not appear particularly clean-lots of spiders, dirty fixtures and fittings, broken dilapidated furniture, in need of an overhaul about 30 years ago. I grumped around the room, checking the bed for fleas and suspect stains, and eventually only succumbed to sleep on the top covered in her sarong, and fully expecting to be made a meal of by the resident population of fleas and bedbugs, whilst David exhausted from the days ride, slept soundly. Nevertheless we would like to return to visit Canada, in particular Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Labrador. But lets see if we survive this trip first!!

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