Friday, September 17, 2010

Towards Yellowstone

Having spent yesterday doing the chores of travel, washing and fixing Nancy while Jill cleaned out the tent did the washing and waxed lyrical on the blog before I finished it off. We woke this morning to wind and rain. We have decided that we are running out of time and that we aren't going to Mount Rushmore or Colorado now but heading straight for Yellowstone as the weather is starting to change, and this morning it had. We packed up in the lee of a cabin to keep the worst of the rain away and without making breakfast set off into town for 2 eggs over easy, hash browns and whole wheat toast washed down with bottomless coffee. Wearing everything we possessed we decided that scenic routes were not the order of the day so travelled down the interstate 90 towards Billings. The Thermometer was reading -1C and we were being lashed by wind and rain from the side as I turned my heated waistcoat up to high along with the heated grips. Just tolerable, but only just, we turned off onto the 310 and then the 212 before the visibility dropped to about 100yds and I took a unilateral decision that going up the Beartooth pass to 11000ft in this weather when we were only at 5500ft wasn't a good idea, so we stopped at the Yodeler Motel in Red Lodgee, where we got a room with kitchen and twin double beds. Thawing out in their hot tub before going shopping for a wonderful meal of pizza and baked potato that you can't do on 1 ring. Spent the evening doing the blog and researching Yellowstone. Tomorrow we will cross the pass Burrrr. I am sure you will all want to know that Nancy is now going like a dream. Only had the problem for the last 8000 miles so good to fix it before it went on for too long! Sorry no pictures today as we couldn't see anything.


  1. hey glad you sorted the bike out, you should have asked us ladies for mechanical advice ages ago, could have saved you 8000 miles of bike stress!!!

  2. Sorry to hear that you won't be making it to Mount Rushmore :(...but by your fantastic pictures,you have covered alot of ground and seen more than most people see. I personally love the nature pictures and any animal. You both look well considering the cold weather you have come upon....troopers for sure!!

  3. Hey you two

    Have been following your posts every week to see where you are, not managed to catch you on Skype much. Loving pictures. Maybe catch you soon.

    Love Jennie and the boys