Saturday, September 11, 2010

Seattle and the Wallace Falls state Park. 5/9/10

Had to wait over an hour in the queue but finally made it
without even a 'have a nice day' as the guard was taking his duties very seriously and probably was coming to the end of a 8 hour shift. Rushed down the 5 to Seattle where we had planned to go shopping at REI to get new sleeping bags as ours weren't up to keeping us warm at night. We were both fed up of getting dressed to go to bed! They advertise a great 50% sale so didn't buy in Canada looking for that bargain. Of course everything we wanted wasn't in the sale so we ended up spending more money than I'm willing to but on the blog getting 2 very nice down bags that would keep us warm down to -10C before getting dressed. We donated our old bags to the REI community support to use as they thought fit. Having also purchased some waterproofing for our boot and a map holder for Jill so she can have her own map and see were we are, we high tailed it out onto the 2 and stopped at Gold Bar where there was one camping space out of only two empty at the Wallace Falls State Park. It was Sunday night of the Labour day weekend and I think we were very lucky. The next day having checked out the HT leads and put new spark plugs into Nancy we headed off towards the falls. (Nancy is still running a bit rough, but better, at different rpms like one of the plugs isn't firing. It's twinned plugged and the resistance on 3 of the HT leads is 5.5 and on the 4th is 7.6. Could this be the problem? Do I need new HT leads? Anybody in the know please email. Thanks ). The walk was quite strenuous and after about 30 minutes it started to rain. Here is Jill looking wet and pissed off. It was very beautiful rain forest
with fallen red cedar stumps and dense fern and moss. The falls, when we got there, were very impressive the one in the background, Middle Falls, having a drop of 265 ft.
We retreated back to camp some 4.5 miles later very wet. We both stood in the respective wash rooms under the hand dryers trying to get the worst off our clothes. We spent the next 3 hours in the tent watching a small stream getting bigger and bigger until we were both rather concerned that we were going to get very wet, So off to the park warden I went and found out that they had a cabin free and it could be ours in exchange for the usual fee for 2 days, just long enough to dry out and write up the blog. The warden was very kind and returned our 2 days camping fee and allowed us to use the employers showers as there were none on the site. So here I am writing up the blog
while Jill dries out. Everything dried we set off towards Glacier National Park.


  1. Well, safely in America once again. The little log cabin looks super, like something out of a film. I am no bike expert so cant help re the spark plugs etc. give it a good kick that usually has some effect on most machines!

  2. Hey, I'm just ahead of you. I left Glacier this morning. Will be in Yellowstone in a week. I also got soaking wet last week in my tent - it's not fun is it.

    I'll keep an eye out in my rear view mirror for you.

  3. Hi chaps, looking good. My advice to David re bike is to change it for a classic Triumph Bonnie you know it makes sense.
    love and kisses teresaxx