Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vancouver 28/8/10

I would like to start by thanking all the people who have email us with concerns for our relationship. As Jill has added later, travelling isn't easy and our relationship is a very large part of what we are doing together along with the physical experiences that we are travelling through. I hope we are strong enough to weather these storms, but they aren't easy at the time. As my brother Mike said maybe Nancy and both of us need a overhaul after 12000 miles. (Maybe 2 weeks back at work would do the trick!)
We ended up staying in the Capilano RV Park which, as Jill pointed out it reminded us of what it must be like camping in Bretonside bus station with rows of RV's
right next to a main highway-check out the cyclist above David's head! with barely enough space to pitch our tent so we went over into the next plot. And all for only $39.50 a night with discount as I was a member of the RAC! We ended up spending 3 nights there. First day we did all our washing, sleeping bags included, Jill had a long desired swim in the site pool then we rushed off to 2 BMW garages to get a ring washer for the idle jet. BMW parts in Canada are really expensive and the list of spares that I brought with me isn't that extensive so we have to pay really high prices for things that we need for Nancy. That evening we went for a very good Thali in a Indian restaurant around 530 Broadway for $5.99 + tax each, but I can't remember it's name. Day 2 we walked across the Lions Gate Bridge and around Stanley Park which is to the Northwest of the Down town area and full of wild life. If while crossing the bridge you become light headed due to all the fumes there is always the yellow phone to help you on your way. The RV park is right below the far side of the bridge. The park has a great sea wall that runs around it where people were walking, riding and roller blading on this grey Sunday morning. Later we went into town and brought some maps of Central and South America from Travel Bug a funky travel shop. There is a really good map producer in Vancouver, and we looked around Mountain Equipment Co-op a huge emporium of everything camping but decide to wait until we get to the US as things are cheaper there. We found a very good Japanese Sushi bar that fed us both for $13.00 on wide variety of fishy dishes. Drove back through Stanley park to look at the Totem poles and the west coast answer to the mermaid in Copenhagen before trying to catch up on the Blog and prepare for leaving tomorrow, but not before meeting Bernie and Helga who very kindly offered us to stay with them in Courtney on Vancouver Island.

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  1. If you are still in Seattle, you should take a ferry over to Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula. It's a very cool town, and packed full of old hippies who love wooden boats. We were up there last weekend to see the Wooden Boat Festival, and had a ball.
    The last time we saw you guys we were leaving Nakusp to make our way back to Portland. We had booked a room in Ellensburg thinking it was about 300 miles. It turned out to be about 480. I have driven that far by myself, but never 2up. We were miserable by the time we got off our bike. I finely got the Bruiser home, and went to work on her. She hasn't been the same since. The biggest problem seemed to be the valve adjustment. It starts right up, but is getting shitty gas millage. Enough about me. How are you guys doing? You need to get into some good weather. As John Hiatt says "Come on Baby let's go South" Utah is very cool, and great roads. I will look at your blog once in a while to keep up.It was great meeting the both of you....Bert