Wednesday, December 8, 2010

La Paz

The ride to La Paz wasn't the most inspiring. It had the longest straight that I think we have travelled on all trip. 37 miles without the slightest deviation. There was a bit of hilliness before we entered La Paz known for whales and the tail was being freshly painted as we entered. Stopped at Walmart on the way in and brought some tea, good old English breakfast tea made by Twinnings, as the tea sold in Mexico is mainly herbal, which I'm sorry to say doesn't hit the spot. Found the Pension California which we had been recommended and parked the bike inside. Went for a walk along the sea front or Malacon which was beautiful, full of sculptures, people out walking, bicycling and roller blading. The local dance school was giving a performance, Polynesian, jazz, local folk and shaking the tail feather. Monday saw us looking for things. We managed to get a security wire made up for connecting a pannier with all our valuables in, to a fixed object in a hotel room with an alarm padlock we brought with us. Tried to find a bookshop that had a Mexican phrase book but failed, and had a good look around. In the afternoon went to the ferry port with Chris, who we had caught up with at the hotel, to find out about getting to the mainland before visiting a beach and being offered a live clam to eat that wriggled and tiggled inside me. While at the beach signed up for a trip to Isla Espritu Santo

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