Wednesday, December 8, 2010


We set off on 1/12/10 towards Loreto at around 1000. As we drove down the Bahia Concepcion we past other beaches that had palapas (grass roofed shelter), some offering more shelter than others before the road took us into the outskirts of Loreto some 130Kms away. We drove around for a while checking out different motels before I/we settled on the Hotel Posada St. Martin at a reasonable 350 pesos. Jill wanted to go for the Iguana Inn next door that had a toaster and a microwave but it was 200 pesos more expensive. She wouldn't talk to me for 10 minutes but finally settled in at the Posada. I had a migraine coming on so spent a quiet afternoon walking around this very pleasant town and resting before going out to a very nondescript meal. Woke to a full blown migraine which slowed me down a bit, but after going out to get some milk for breakfast we went looking for a Mexican flag that we could stick to the panniers, without any luck. Went for a walk along the pleasant sea front past palapas that were unused as it's winter here although a pleasent 25C and the harbour The marine life theme is everywhere as the sea is part of a UNESCO site. The light house seems to have suffered from the prevailing winds. The centre of town was very pleasant situated around the main square with the town Hall at one end,
and the main market street leading off. Went to visit the Mission of Loreto which was the first mission in the Californias where every other mission sporned from. It had a very beautifully constructed alter piece and next door an interesting museum telling you a bit about the overthrow of the local Indians that used to live here and were a bit resistant to be told what to worship. There was a tree in the shape of a cross that was another sign to those who wanted to see signs to confirm their belief. They have great mobile phone mast here. I think they would look very good in England. Met Chris, a biker from Minnesota,who likes keeping his identy concealed incase he is set upon by boring people (Has a very good antenna that I could learn from) We went out to the Super Burro (means Super Donkey) that night to eat. Had the first good meal since entering Baja. Hadn't realised how much I missed potatoes. Chris had the Super Donkey steak which he said was very good, but your never too sure what goes into things here. The hot chocolate you could stand your spoon up in and here is the proof Hmmmm very tasty. We were going to leave the next day but I woke still with a migraine so decided to stay for another day doing washing, looking for a oil seal as the gear lever seal was dripping oil, but to no avail, and taking it easy.

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  1. Mexico looks wonderful,glad to see the weather is being a bit kinder to you.Glad the Spanish has come to good use.Evertthing well home here although extremely cold,and everyone gone into panic mode about christmas and the shops being shut for two days, seems you guys had the best idea.Looking forward to the next installment and to wish you both feliz navidad xx.