Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Towards La Paz

We had been given a card of a camp site in Villa Constitución so we thought we would stop there breaking our journey and look for the oil seal. Just as I was loading the bike the side stand finally gave up the will to live. Mk4 it seemed, was no stronger than Mk1,2 or 3. This time the top weld had split and the screw thread was seriously bent. Trying to get off the bike fully loaded and onto the centre stand was a real pain and then we both had to push like crazy to get it off the stand again. So getting this fixed became a real priority. We pulled into the camp site to be greeted by Mike and his son Nigel and within a half hour he had taken us to a welder and the fixing process had begun. Straightening Welding up with added support and inserting a solid rod to end up with a much stronger job all for 600 pesos, while Jill was fed interesting things by the misses. Here is the great guy who fixed it. Mike moved from England and married a Mexican. They have 2 kids and the eldest Nigel was Mike's interpretor as he spoke very little Spanish. Went for the upgrade and stayed in a 5th wheeler rather than camp as the site was very dusty.

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