Tuesday, May 3, 2011

12 month anniversary

The 5th May sees us on the road for 12 months. Our initial plan was to ride to Ushuaia We soon settled into a pace which suited us, taking our time making the most of each of the places we have visited, often making detours and side journeys, allowing destiny to have it's reign. In the end it has not been possible to see South America in the way we would like to, in the time we have left. So we decided a while ago, to take it easy and aim to be in Panama at the beginning of June. From there we will be flying home to the UK, just in time (we hope) for the second wedding of the year, (after the Royal one) Malin, David's son, to Eunice (as an aside, we are interested to note that like many young couples in the UK,the Royal newly weds are delaying their honeymoon, probably in order to save up for their first home together!).

By the time we fly home, will have journeyed for 13 months and the time feels right to come home. Right now we are looking into flying Nancy home and of course ourselves. However we still have a month or so to go, and three countries to visit, so we are trying to savour the final moments, taking time to reflect, before being embraced by another new beginning.

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  1. hey 8) Im hope you not forget post-s new staf on this Blog ?
    happy 1 year on the road !