Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tree Canopy Boquete 24 May

What possessed us fifty-somethings to swing between 60 meter high trees in the jungle I will never know. But it seemed like a good idea at the time. We only have a couple of photos for now. The rest we will download from the CD of the whole escapade when we get home (we don't have a CD drive on the Netbook). The road up to the start of the tour was very very steep and rocky and we rocked and rolled and slid along the bench in the truck trying to hold on. I think David looks quite composed! HQ included offices, restaurant, and cabañas
and was very smart set high up in the mountains.

The canopy tour with Boquete Tree Trek started a short distance from here. There were six of us in the group,with 6 instructors. It was really professional and I felt completely safe-well once I had whizzed along the first zip-wire and landed on the platform about 60 meters up a tree, successfully!

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