Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pipeline Trail Boquete 25 May

A more sedentary day followed the adrenaline rush of yesterday. We had been told about a short walk (about 45 minutes) to a waterfall, which wound its way through some pretty landscape. The ride to the trail head was lovely
The pipeline clearly visible along the roadside
The trail head was as to be expected invisible to the naked eye. Eventually we guessed the opening and strolled on. The trail
criss-crossed the river for about an hour, with many tiny bridges
over rushing water
The pipeline guiding our route all the way
onwards through the jungle
until we could here the gentle sounds of falling water
After a half hours rest and relax, we took the trail back passing huge trees
moss covered stop valves in the pipeline
and through more jungle
with bromeliads growing out of tree trunks It was a lovely walk-about 2 hours return. I wished we had taken a picnic along, it was just so magical sitting by the waterfall.

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