Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coming home

It seemed like a good idea to check out flights home since there is a travel agent in town. Glad we did. We managed to get a deal for around $700 each. They were the last cheap seats on a flight that only leaves Panama City once a week. Had we left it later we would have been paying luck was on our side. So we are flying out of Panama City at around 10.00hrs on 10th June going via the Dominican Republic and Frankfurt to Heathrow where we land around 09.00hrs on 11th June. Then all we have to do is clear Nancy who will have flown on ahead, with Customs. It is a strange feeling having booked our return. We still have two weeks left-the length of some folks holiday here-so we still have plenty of time for a few rays (if it stops raining!) and one last frolic in the sea - I fancy San Blas No not a pop idol- a wonderful island paradise to the east of the Panama Canal!

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