Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boquete Panama

We headed for Boquete but before long that cloud poured its contents. We managed to put on our waterproofs, but eventually had to pull over on the side of the road where we sheltered under our trusty umbrella. As the rain lashed down and we got drenched by every passing vehicle, we looked around and spotted a dairy farm with what looked to be a car port of sorts-perfect, so we quickly turned the bike around and snuck in. Phew, the rain just kept on coming-huge dollops bouncing off the ground like super balls. Before long we were joined by another vehicle, which we thought belonged to the farm owner, so quickly tried to explain in our rudimentary Spanish, that we were taking shelter, but it turned out that the windscreen wiper on the drivers side of his truck had bust and needed a quick repair, so he needed shelter too! And the rain kept coming. We offered the use of David's Leatherman and some moral support, and eventually the job was done. Before he set off Amed gave us some wonderful avocados, a pineapple and some oranges. Turns out he owns an organic farm. Thank you Amed they were delicious. Once in Boquete we finally found a Hostal where we could house ourselves and keep Nancy dry. Hostal Baru is a quiet non-touristy/backpacker place with a decent size room, and a kitchen for $20 - a snip! The next day we spent some time doing laundry-but it doesn't dry very well in the rain and humidity-it tends to remain damp, develop a pong and worse go mouldy! Then we walked the town, and visited a tour company or three. The main activities hereabouts are tree canopy zip-wire tours, hikes, white water rafting, coffee plantation tours and horse riding. We booked the canopy tour. Next we spotted a travel agent for Panama Air! Time to plan our return to the UK?

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