Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Waterfall Walk.

The Essence Arenal is rather like the 'Hotel California'. You can check in but you can't check out, so we extended our stay for another day and along with fellow guests, Angus and Dina we set off at 0830 to climb to a waterfall that was said to be about 2 hours up in the hills. The track wound it's way up through the jungle getting ever steeper as we got higher. Lots of wildlife was heard but not a lot seen but here is some that we were able to capture. A moth,
a hawk, an out of focus quetzal, and Misa Biggs out of 'Star Wars'. As we climbed higher the volcano took on new majesty. After about 2 hours we passed a diary farm
and then after another 40 minutes we made it too the waterfall. I was rather disappointed on arrival. I had pictured a beautiful pool with deep blue water where you could swim but the reality was a rather small puddle! Some were not deterred by the cool water and made the most of it, and Jill's spirits were definitely revived 5 hours later we arrived back at camp tired and fell into the pool before having lunch and a well earned siesta. We had to write up the blog so book in for yet another night and spent the day catching up with things, listening to the rain and watching the smoking Arenal when it wasn't covered with cloud.