Monday, May 16, 2011

San Juan del Sur

We left Granada with the idea that we would head towards the Pacific coast to see what it is like. If the beach wasn't littered with rubbish and the town seemed appealing we would hang around. If not we would carry on towards the border. As we came south of the Lago de Nicaragua which is so large it behaves like a sea, we stopped off at San Jorge to look across the lake at Omelepe Island and the twin volcanoes. We then carried on to San Juan about 20 miles from the Costa Rico border, and were pleasantly surprise when the beach came into view. We hunted around for a hotel and decided to go upmarket so ended up in the Hotel Oceanano
which had air-con and a pool. The sea on the bay was almost flat, a change from having to fight with the waves that we have had to do on our way down here. However there was a something rather slimy under the surface of the water which felt very strange to walk through, but once you had crossed, the water was very pleasant. Jill couldn't face the crossing so the very unusual happened; me enjoying the swim and Jill standing on the beach not wanting to come in. So we retired to the hotel pool. On the headland overlooking the bay was a Christ figure keeping us safe. We left the next day after a rather skimpy breakfast that was included in the cost of the room towards Costa Rica.

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