Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

The route to Manuel Antonio was lined with manicured lawns and big houses We stopped off for a quick bite to eat at a Paneria
and set off on the Autopista payroad (not intentionally, it was the only road we could find!). We were having some difficulty navigating our route due to the vagueness of the map, non-existent GPS mapping, and road signs. We saw a pretty main looking sign indicating the direction we needed to be going in and turned off the autopista, to suddenly find ourselves confronted by a dirt road and big puddle.
Na we thought this ain’t right, so we reversed Nancy and got back on to tarmac. Some time later, a guy and his wife from the USA showed us to a nice place on the beach where we had our picnic lunch
observed by lots of lizards.
Lovely spot..thank you! Passing pylons spewing power lines
we finally made it to Manuel Antonio We checked in to Hotel Costa Linda for $20 dollars a night (a steal!)
The following morning we planned to visit the National Park, just a few meters from our hostal
We had a fabulous day, took too many photos to show here, but here's a few to give a taste of it's beauty: the beaches
the tiny crabs on the beach
and in the jungle
the flora
lookalike toxic crab apples
Coral washed up on the shore
the wildlife we think it is an Agouti
and a three fingered Sloth

jungle and trees

And finally the tide. We had been told that the path to the park exit was cut off at high tide and that we would have to pay for a short boat ride across the beach. So here am I enjoying the safety of a boat as the tide rushed in and David walked it


And last but not least it's really weird what treasures you can find on beaches...

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