Tuesday, May 3, 2011

En route to Nicaragua

We had two borders to navigate in one day: one out of El Salvador

across the bridge

the river to which is used to wash

and dump rubbish

and into Honduras

David as usual sorted the passports and the paperwork for the bike (I stood guard over Nancy!) Each was reasonably straightforward, though we were hassled relentlessly by 'helpers' at the Honduras border.

Once into Honduras, we stopped for lunch at this small restaurant

where we had filled tortillas. After a few hours ride we reached the Honduras border with Nicaragua

Then we were in to Nicaragua

I guess it probably took about an hour to cross each border. Not too bad really considering we have Nancy's paperwork to sort out as well as our passports. But David is very efficient when it comes to paperwork and always seems to have everything under control! He even managed to dismiss the horde of 'helpers'.

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